A handle and tool head to suit all your needs

The WOLF-Garten multi-change® system is a lightweight, interchangeable gardening tool solution where every tool head fits every handle. Simply choose the handle that suits your height and task at hand and ‘click’ to attach the tool head. It could not be easier. The selection of 11 handles of differing lengths and over 50+ tool heads means there are hundreds of possible different combinations.

multi-change® means gardening without the backache!

For a lot of people, gardening can be backbreaking and reminds us how important a good back position is when gardening. Support your back with the various handle lengths of our multi-change® system, ensuring you stay upright and relaxed when gardening. Our tillage machines are designed with a special precision working angle, so you can work in the garden effortlessly and with an even working depth.

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